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Etièn Horse Healing
Magnetizer for people & horses


Why would you contact me?
When you have complaints such as ...
Fatigue, burnout, joint pain, back, neck and shoulder complaints, skew, chronic fatigue, stress, sports injuries, depression, migraine, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, anxiety dreams, fear of failure, hyperventilation, stomach and intestinal complaints, eczema, exam anxiety and much more…


What is magnetizing?
Magnetizing is a natural healing method which is thousands of years old and belongs to us people. During an energetic session, the self-healing capacity of body and mind is activated and stimulated, so that blockages are released and energy can flows again.


How does that work
A magnetizer transfers energy or conducts it through his hands, to the client. This energy is given to parts of the body where it is needed. These are places where the energy no longer flows through blockages and disruptions. After a treatment there is peace and harmony in body and mind again. This makes it possible to reduce or completely resolve complaints.
During a consultation I usually teach people how to ground or land, and to protect themselves sufficiently against the many influences from their environment. Treatment differs from person to person and animal to animal, depending on the nature and duration of the complaints. It is often immediately felt or even visible in your face after the session. A treatment lets you relax again, makes you happier and more distressed.

But what exactly happens
Everything is stored in your body and mind, such as emotions, knowledge, sadness, experiences ie. It is a blueprint of your life. Most people carry experiences that effect life. These can cause blockages and imbalance in the body, causing complaints. People often do not know how to handle such problems. When a blockage lasts longer, it will become stuck in your energy channels at a given moment, with the result that you become sick.

What can I do for you.
Everything in and around us is energy and has a frequency. I use and tune this energy and frequency to support you with stress, injuries, or other disorders. This form of magnetization, or HEALING, has been used in medicine in England and for a long time in the Eastern world.
This magnetic effect affects the entire system of you or your animal, activating the self-healing ability and relieving stress or problems. You will function better again and feel more comfortable in your skin.

Consult prices
Session of 60 min. € 50,-
Session of 90 min. € 85,-
For home visits 60 cent per km driven

About me
My name is Etièn Francois Andrè Bührs.
Born in 1969 in Zaandam, the Netherlands and now living in Nässjö, Sweden.
Since 2014, after an almost death experience in the hospital due to a long cardioversion, it turned out that I have a gift. I clearly felt certain energies in people and when I discussed this the person in question, a lot turned out to be true.
After reading various books and following various courses, I understood that I could magnetize and that this is my gift. After a few discussions with my family, it appears that being able to feel blockages in humans and animals has been in our family for more than 120 years.

Horses are 70 times more sensitive than we humans and are therefore at a much higher frequency. They must have their alertness, instinct and intuition. They are flight animals.
During a session with your horse, reactions can occur such as: change of breathing, release of endorphins, causing the horse to look sleepy and close its eyes, lower its head or nodding. It gets itchy or an itchy skin, warm or even hot spots in the body, dizziness, tingling, trembling or throbbing, heaviness, feeling of being pulled down (grounding), mind wandering, pain and sorrow of emotions that are released from trauma.
Sometimes horses stay very alert and have difficulty relaxing. It wiggles on its legs or even gets stuck. The horse can start sniffing, roaring or deep sighing and knocks its hind legs.
Many more reactions are possible, and they do not all occur at the same time.
As said, every horse is different and every treatment is different.
Animals don't talk, but they whisper much more than you think.
Healing is anything but scary or dangerous.

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